0. Do your masks come in different sizes?
12 x 18cm
13 x 18.5cm
14 x 20cm.

Our standard size is 13 x 18.5cm. If you have a special request and require a different size please indicate in the Order Notes. For efficiency, we highly recommend the standard size first. 

1. When will the next batch arrive?
Before the batch runs out, the order for the next batch of fabric is put in. Thus, the next batch of fabrics are on the way! Keep an eye peeled on our IG Stories to see when the next batch arrives.

2. What is available now?
If an item is sold out, it will be listed in the product page!

3. When are the new designs coming in?
Keep an eye out on our IG Feed for new and exciting designs coming your way!

4. Are the masks durable/how long do they last?
We make no guarantee of the durability, however we have fabricated these masks to last. Although the polypropylene material, in a surgical setting should be discarded after one use, repeated washings have not shown signs of wear and tear. We will keep you updated should anything occur. 

5. Can I use this instead of PPE? (Personal Protective Equipment)
No. Our masks are not meant to be used in place of PPE. Please still practice social distancing. Our masks have not been medically tested or approved by government agencies. These are DIY home-based created masks. 

6. Are your masks breathable?
Breathability is really dependent on the individual, however cotton fabric appears to be the most breathable fabric to use for face masks. Fret not, our masks are not made from the thick material the government issued masks are. Feedback we have received shows that they are indeed much more breathable.

7. How long does the mask take to come?
As most of the time our masks are made-to-order, and also in this time of Covid19, please allow for 5 days to a week for arrival. It should arrive earlier than that but we make no promises! Due to large volume of orders that occur from time to time, do allow for maximum up to 2 weeks wait. 

8. How will my order arrive to me?
We will be utilizing postage-paid polymers in the coming weeks instead of door-to-door individual delivery. 

9. Can I order through IG instead?
Unfortunately, as we make steps to improve our service to our consumers, we would only be able to fulfil orders made through our website.